Manor Place Toilets 1912

This week I got to see inside the interior of the Manor Place toilets that were built in 1912. These toilets had been completely bricked up sometime in the 1980s.

After a conservation report was completed, Council are looking at their options around the future of the structure.

What is so important about this structure is all the original fittings and fixtures still remain, some of which are identical to the fixtures in the original underground conveniences.

The original Twyfords Adament urinals and arts and crafts tiles are still a feature.

Unfortunately, due to the unstable foundations (over an old substation) the structure has suffered significant structural damage, with large cracks running through it. However, as it has been bricked up for the last 30 years the interior fittings and fixtures has remained intact and preserved.

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  1. This is amazing I rem hearing bout these toilets and another lot further up when I was a child from my nana . Amazing hope it’s not destroyed . Love the old stuff let’s see more of it

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