Welcome to the Loo Lady Bog Blog!

Welcome – let me introduce myself. I am a Masters student studying the demise of the once magnificent underground conveniences (or loos) that were in Dunedin city, New Zealand. I’m also a professional archivist.

I plan to share info, insights and general musings from this research and wider Dunedin tidbits.

19th and early 20th century loos are becoming a rare and endangered part of our wider cultural and built heritage.  These facilities are often often-overlooked or remembered as places to avoid!

They do however, provide direct evidence for changing social attitudes to the provision of public loos and evidence for this shows in the change of architectural and aesthetic approaches to their design, construction and visibility.

My thesis aims to examine the little-known demise of the undergrounds through the perceptions and attitudes towards the public conveniences, using examples from the city of Dunedin’s rich history and heritage.